The Link Between Sleep And Weight Loss You Need To Know About

Skipping the required amount of sleep means gaining 10 kg per day!

Sleep is like the most nutritious food for our brain. Our body compensates for the day’s exertion and literally gathers all the energy it needs for the next day during sleep. But, sleep deprivation also plays a huge role in gaining excess body fat! This is still unknown to most people, but it is true! In today’s article, we will discuss this in detail.

Surprising Relationship Between Sleep And Weight Gain!

When we don’t get enough sleep, our brain gets confused and starts working in a delusional way! A new study has shown that cravings for high-calorie foods and high-sugary foods or drinks increase when sleep is lacking because our body tries to stay awake and overcome the constant drowsiness that occurs when we skip our 8-hour nightly sleep routine! And what could be a better way to stay awake and energized than consuming sugary sodas and calorie-rich junk?

Lack Of Adequate Sleep Disrupts The Normal Ability Of Our Brains To Function Properly!

Let’s face the truth, okay? Who does not love to eat pizza or chocolate for breakfast? How do butter naan and chicken butter masala sound for a rainy day lunch? How about we end our day with a plate of sizzling hot biryani? Sounds ecstatic, right? But all the foods may be very delicious, but they are extremely unhealthy on the one hand and a storehouse of calories on the other! No matter how badly we crave this food we cannot have such food every day. This is where our brain plays the ‘Mommy Part’ and literally saves us from such a ‘drool-worthy but sure shot path to 100kg’ diet. When we don’t get enough sleep every day by binge-watching Netflix, our saviour, the human brain is affected and literally breaks down! This leads directly to a “drunk rush” where we lose our ability to direct ourselves to do the right thing! As a result, we fail to muster the courage, the willpower to say no to that ‘extravagant lip-smacking plate of biryani’ and end up gaining 10 kg in a day! 

Lack Of Sleep Leads To Weight Gain And Excess Weight Gain Leads To Low Self-Esteem

A poor sleep routine not only affects our physical health and confidence, it also impairs our mental well-being as we all feel guilty after eating too much junk! So, an adequate amount of sleep is essential everyday to flaunt that lean body and stay fit.

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