The man on the moon: Few famous Buzz Aldrin quotes you must read today

The world’s famous astronauts teach us a thing or two about resilience, strength and, of course the moon!

Buzz Aldrin needs no introduction from our side. He is known as the first man, along with Neil Armstrong, to have landed on the moon on the historic mission Apollo 11. His life is literally out of this world, so he has shared a lot of wisdom with us through speeches, interviews and numerous books. Here are a few of the Buzz Aldrin quotes you must read today.

 On looking back on Earth

“Where are the billions and billions of people, on what I am looking at? We are the only three that are not back there. We didn’t even get to celebrate. Because we are out of town”.

On keeping an open mind

“Your mind is like a parachute: If it doesn’t open, it doesn’t work”.

On choosing your idols

“Choose your heroes wisely, and be careful of whom you idolize. Why? Simple: You will become like the people with whom you often associate”.


“Resilience is what humans have, and resilience is what humans need to take advantage of. Their ability to explore and to understand and then to react positively and with motivation, not as a defeatist, to the constant flow of challenges. Negativity doesn’t get anybody anywhere. It takes reacting to all of life in a positive way to make the most out of what you’ve experienced and to make a better life and a better world”.


“Some people don’t like to admit that they have failed or that they have not yet achieved their goals or lived up to their own expectations. But failure is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that you are alive and growing”.


“The urge to explore has propelled evolution since the first water creatures reconnoitred the land. Like all living system, cultures cannot remain static; they evolve or decline. They explore or expire”.

On big goals

“I know that sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the moon, and I made some of them! So, don’t allow anyone to denigrate or inhibit your lofty aspirations. Your dream can take you much higher and much farther than anyone ever thought possible! I know mine did”.

Which one of these quotes, you liked the best?

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