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The most expensive ingredients in the world

Why would anyone eat something so expensive that the price of one meal can feed an entire village? The answer can be anything between conspicuous eating or just great taste in life. We have a list of the most expensive ingredients in case you want to find out answers.

Yubari King Melon

A type of cantaloupe grown mainly in and around the town of Yubari, Japan has the distinction of being the most expensive fruit in the world. A pair of Yubari King Melon can cost you anywhere between 15,000 – 30,000 USD. In 2019, two such melons were auctioned at over 45,000 USD. Yubari King Melons are also grown in Greenhouses elsewhere in Japan and in North America but they are nowhere near the quality of the fruits grown by traditional Japanese farmers, in volcanic ashes, using techniques passed on from earlier generations. But more than its very sweet taste, a Yubari King Melon is a much-valued item in Japan’s gift-giving culture, hence the extraordinary demand and price.


YartsaGunbu is by far the most expensive parasite in the world. It is a type of fungus found in the high Tibetan Plateau which infects ghost moth caterpillars. These yellowish mushrooms first infecta moth and grows within it until it breaks open from the moth’s head. Moths who have met their end through this grotesque mean are considered an aphrodisiac – some even call it Himalayan Viagra. These special 2-6 cm long mushrooms cost anywhere about 20,000 USD per kilogram.

Edible Gold

What can be a better example of conspicuous eating other than consuming gold leaf – something that will go in and come out of your system without providing any taste or nutritional value except maybe some shinny poop. It is not their nutritional value but decorative value in cakes and other food items that qualify gold as a food ingredient. The price of edible gold is same as normal gold, which is about 60,000 USD per kilogram but thankfully, the amount of actual gold used in making gold leaves for food is very less.

Almas Caviar

Caviar is considered the most luxurious food known to mankind. Caviars that come from hundred years old sturgeon fishes living in the unpolluted areas of the Caspian Sea near Iran are the most delicious and definitely the most expensive caviar in the world.They are called Almas Caviar; meaning diamond in Russian, referring to its shape.Now, it can also be a reference to its value as a kilo of Almas Caviar can cost you anything over 25,000 USD.

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