The Most Incredible Waterfalls In The World

Get transported to a world of enchantment with these waterfalls!

One cannot deny the majestic and enchanting effect that waterfalls have on people. They bring about a sense of tranquillity and relaxation and at the same time, they are poetic expression of life and vibrancy. The magnetic power of looking at an enormous amount of water gushing down from the edge of a cliff could be one of the most beautiful things to experience on earth. Although there are a million waterfalls tucked away here and there at every corner of the world, only some are the most special. Here are a few waterfalls around the world that are so beautiful that they deserve to be on every nature lover’s travel bucket list.

The Surreal Jog Falls

Deep in the Indian state of Karnataka stands tall the beautiful Jog or Joga Falls. The height of the waterfall runs as tall as 830 feet and has one of the most incredible views. The waterfall plummets down on earth from a great height in the middle of vibrant green landscape that’s as Indian as it can get. The best time to visit the Jog Falls would be between April and July as the water levels remain high and the temperature is moderate for the perfect experience.

The Majestic Plitvice Falls

Eastern Europe rarely pops up in our minds when we think of waterfalls. However, the Plitvice Falls in Croatia will be a sight you will never forget. Think Niagra or the Victoria Falls but much more elegant. A part of the Plitvice Lakes National Park which is also the largest national park of Croatia, the Plitvice Falls covers a height of 255 feet which makes it one of the greatest waterfalls on the. The best time to visit this waterfall would be during the summer which is also the peak season for tourists. However, for the travellers who like to think out of the box, visit the falls during autumn get experience the mix of green and autumn colours along with the falls.

The Iconic Gulfloss Falls

Iceland is known for its waterfalls and the Gulfloss Falls stands tall by that fame. It is a dramatic sight to see the falls storming down from a 104 feet height almost like it is vanishing into nothing. The best time to visit the Gulfloss Falls is during the summer to experience its full splendour.

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