The Most Walkable Cities Of Europe

You have covered trains and cruises and cable cars. It’s now time for your legs to do some hopping around Europe!

The best way to explore a city or any place for that matter is to get set and go on your feet. There’s nothing better than walking around a new place to get to know the people, the culture and take in all its beauty in the truest form. Europe has superior modes of transport that should rightfully be explored, but they don’t allow you to pause for a moment according to your whims and take in the beauty of the place. The solution is to walk around lazily and explore. Some of the cities of Europe will give you the best experience if you walk around exploring their nooks and corners. Here are some of the best cities of Europe that you would love to take a walk in.


Agreed that Amsterdam is best explored through the canals that it so proudly flaunts, but walking around the city will give you an expansive experience. Amsterdam is also known for travellers who love cycling around, but our suggestion is that take a stroll through its lanes if you love to walk. Take a few days in Amsterdam to walk around this beautiful city with its rich culture, beautiful buildings and breath taking nature. However, make sure to take the help of a map as it is quite easy to get lost in this beautiful city not that it would be too bad!


Brugge in Belgium is a small city that is best explored on foot. It is more of a town than a city basking in all its glory. The city is so picturesque that it would be a shame to rush through its beauty in any mode of transport other than your feet. However, avoid walking around the city in the winters for the weather could be a little harsh for that. Nonetheless, if you choose to walk around Brugge in the winters make sure you have layered up well.


You will fall in love with this quaint and beautiful little European city if you explore it on foot. Discover Prague as you walk around the old town centre and into the lesser known streets of the city. Prague will surprise you as you walk past the beautiful vintage buildings and its bustling street crowds.

Urbee Sarkar

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