The must-watch Marvel Universe films

This is a world different from the one we live in

The Marvel is an alternate universe that has given people a world away from the one they are living in; a world that shows us how things would be different,if we had superheroes for real. While their actions sequences, special effects, and display of mystical special powers is mesmerizing to the core, these Marvel Cinematic films also has a strong storyline equally gripping. So here is a list of Marvel films that one must watch and get sucked into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Iron Man
This2008 Jon Favreau-directed Marvel film is crucial as it fully establishes Tony Stark, played by the great Robert Downey Jr. as the MCU’s ‘lead’. This superhero film sets the tonality and rules of this universe, and for the subsequent films that were to follow. The first franchise of Iron Man film presented a character, who upon an encounter with his own weapons of mass destruction decided to dedicate his life to protect the world. However, the surprise is the emergence of the Iron Man suit from this.

Captain America: The First Avenger
If you want to have an allegiance to the Marvel Cinema and the world of Marvel superheroes, then not knowing the first avenger would be a sin. Set in the backdrop of World War II, the fans see a skinny Steve Rogers as Captain America, played by Chris Evans transforming into a rather human with immense strength and powers, all thanks to the soldier-serum administered to him by the U.S. Government and Tony Stark’s father. The film also shows Steve’s first love Peggy Carter, one of the founding agents of SHIELD. Fun fact, this film features the first and most prominent MCU Infinity Stone, the Space Stone to which they refer to as The Tesseract.

Thor: The Dark World
This 2017 film put forward Chris Hemsworth as the ultimate hammer guy. The story follows Thor played by Hemsworth who is the Son of Odin, the King of Asgard but is exiled to Earth. All this is done for Thor to learn a lesson of respect and be worthy of the hammer. Though all Thor movies have a similar theme wherein he is depowered and, in re-gaining that power, albeit learning some hidden truth and or his responsibilities as a god. In fact, its installment Thor Ragnarok is the fun one with Thor’s hammer gets smashed and Doctor Strange emerging, and the subsequent destruction of Asgard.

The others are Guardians of the Galaxy, The Age Of Ultron, Marvel Endgame, and Avengers endgame.

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