The mystery behind the gate of Gods in Hayu Marca, Peru

If you thought that Machu Pichu, Pisac and the Nazca lines are the apexes of the historical adventures in Peru, then we suggest you read about a pink marble door whose legend and backstory would put all other sites to shame.

The incredible story of gate of God or AramuMuru.

The story of the gate of God starts at the bank of Lake Titicaca about half a millennium back, and it has many aspects of the Incan’s spiritual beliefs and mythology. Incans believed that the world was born in Lake Titicaca, and after the death, it was the place where souls would eventually return. The Incan legend speaks of Con Tiqui Viracocha and how the universe began when he emerged from Lake Titicaca. Viracocha is considered the creator of God by Incans and is believed to return back to where it all began.

The forgotten and crumbled empire of the great Incans.

The Incans prided themselves on their rich heritage and wealth, and that is what attracted the eyes of Spanish invaders like Francisco Pizarro. Their invasion and subsequent robbery of Incan wealth and natural resources like to the downfall of once-greatthe Incan empire; moreover, they also brought smallpox with them that led to the ultimate crumbling of the Incan foundation in the year 1592. But still, a lot of cultural beliefs of Incan still lingered on, but many of their glorious religious sights and sacred monuments were left in shambled and forgotten. It was in 1996 that a man named Jose Luis Delgado Mamani was trekking near Lake Titicaca when he felt something calling out to him. And then he stumbled upon the lost gate of Gods.

The unexplainable tale of AramuMuru.

When Spanish slaughtered the heartland of Incan civilization, there was one priest who was able to escape the agony of the Spaniard’s brutality and persecution. His name was AramuMuru, and he used to serve in the temple of the seven rays. It is believed that he ultimately fled to the city of Gods and Hayu Marca. Herewith the help of several priests and a golden disk known as the key of the Gods of the seven rays, he opened the door that was in the face of the rock. The door transformed into a tunnel with an otherworldly blue light, and AramuMuru passed through it and never to be seen again. He is now believed to be in the land of Gods.

You can visit this mysterious temple and decide for yourself whether the legend is true or not.