The Office: Why you can’t help but like Dwight Schrute

Can’t imagine the sitcom without the office megalomaniac with quirky love for bears, beets and Battlestar Galactica

Thanks to The Office, we got Dwight Schrute – the loyal sidekick to Michael and Assistant to the Regional Manager, hardworking salesman with idiosyncratic behaviour.

Sure, Michael Scott’s shenanigans and the Jim and Pam romance carries the show initially. Dwight initially comes off as the annoyance whose unfaltering loyalty to Michael is sort of cringeworthy. But wait as the season progresses and Dwight’s loud brash behaviour is mostly endearing. Or perhaps more than that, as the seasons progress, character traits that made Dwight an annoyance or even a dislikeable character are the traits that make him loved. Dwight also makes incredible progress as a character, from someone who is merciless and stickler for rules, cries over a breakup.

Reasons to love Dwight Schruteare many.

Unlike Jim and Michael’s shenanigans, Dwight is all about safety

When Dwight faked a fire drill, his aim was to teach people in the office about fire hazard and hot to escape unscathed. It didn’t go very well but his intentions were not wrong. He kept weapons around the office for safety in case the office needed defending. Remember the drug test episode? He cared about a safe drug-free work environment.

He learnt to care

Dwight cared about Angela even though their clandestine relationship got broken off twice. He cared for her enough to even get fired for him job. Even in non-romantic relationship, Dwight ended up being a close friend of Pam and even close enough to Jim to make him his best man. When he finds Pam having doubts about her career choice, he lets her win about the building plans. Only shows he can be empathetic.

He can be extremely amorous

Guaranteed Dwight is a great lover considering Angela couldn’t seem to quit him. Even when he spends the night with Pam’s sister, she seemed to have enjoyed herself. He can turn his charm on with nerdy farm talk when needed to.

Loyal to Michael

Dwight’s loyalty to Michael is huge. When Michael asks for Dwight’s urine for a drug test, he agrees but he turn in his volunteer law enforcement badge. He even takes the fall for Michael when the lucky ticket idea goes horribly wrong. He also gets awarded for it but Dwight’s loyalty to Michael is endearing.

Plays along with Jim’s pranks

Even if Dwight gets pranked countless times, the sort of frenemy energy he has with Jim is hard to miss. Dwight even pranks Jim back and misses it when Jim goes to work in New York.


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