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The oldest Cricket Clubs in the world

The pride of sport and the spirit are still alive

With the British coming to India and the surrounding sub-continents, they brought with them language, food, clothing, and much more. They also brought with them the game of cricket. But this sport of one bat, one ball, and 12 players has been around for a very long time. All over the world, there have been and still are many cricket clubs that have survived the harsh time but are alive due to their passion for the sport. So here are some of the oldest cricket clubs from all around the world.

Some other oldest cricket clubs from around the world are Oriental Cricket Club formed in 1848 in Mumbai, which later changed to Young Zoroastrians Club.

Mitcham Cricket Club

According to a leading newspaper, this cricket club is the oldest club in the current time. Situated in the South of London, the club was established sometime around the 1680s. There are records of the club having played cricket on the Mitcham Cricket Green since 1685. In fact, four of the players from this Mitcham Cricket Club have played for the England cricket team, fast bowler Tom Richardson; batsman Andy Sandham; wicketkeeper Herbert Strudwick, and opening batsman David Smith.

Cricket Club of India

Located on the DinshaWacha Road, near Churchgate in Mumbai, the Cricket Club of India was established on 8 November 1933. The idea behind this cricket club was basically to form a counterpart from India to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). In the current age and time, the Cricket Club of India is considered to be one of the most prestigious clubs in the nation. The stadium used by the CCI for cricket games is the Brabourne Stadium which was built during the British Era and is owned by the club. In fact, this club can be attributed to being the birthplace of Chinese-style Chicken Manchurian.

The teams that have represented the Cricket Club of India have played 13 first-class matches between 1935 and 1958, out of which nine matches were played at Brabourne Stadium. Also, now the CCI is an affiliated member of the BCCI.

The Calcutta Cricket & Football Club

This multisports club based in Kolkata, West Bengal was established in 1792 as a cricket institution. Initially, the Club was formed as the Calcutta Cricket Club Clippers by British expatriates who came with the British East India Company. The addition of football and rugby happened later when in 1965 the club merged with Calcutta FC. Apart from cricket, football, and rugby the other sports practiced here are field hockey, cycle polo, and tennis.

Nirtika Pandita

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