The Perfect Way to Read Manga

If you know the authenticity of an anime, try something new called Manga. 

Nowadays Manga is becoming famous and accessible among teenagers and anime fans. Anime is thriving world wide with supremacy. The origin of anime is Japan which is also the origin of manga. Manga is the main pillar behind anime. The anime adaptation started to gather more crowd around this hand drawn art. If you are an anime fan and willing to explore more, start reading manga with accuracy to get the whole essence behind this art.

Manga: A Book

Manga is the main script behind an anime. When a manga artist is drawing one, that person is practically writing the whole script for an anime. Reading books is a great habit and in Japan, people are attracted to books more than anything. So, by writing a manga one can get attention.

Difference From A Normal Book: Right to Left

Usually when you choose a manga for reading you have to start reading it from right to left. Normally we read books or magazines in a left to right pattern. In this we shall do the opposite. Why is it like that, if you ask, well that might have a different reason.

More Peculiarity: Up to Down

They not only have a trend to go from right to left, they also draw them from the up to down column. So, when you start to remember that, you have to go from upper right to lower left.

Chronology: The Series

Usually mangas come in a series, it is rare to have a single manga telling the whole story. Now if you are starting a series then complete the mangas one after another in a chronological order. You will also find the order written in number on the books.

Selection of Genre: Which One to Read

If you are planning to read a manga, it is very important to choose a proper one according to your mood, age and genre preference. Because once you start reading one you won’t be able to stop in the middle. There are different genres present but according to age it is divided into five.

Colours and Emotions: Events Are Described

As the manga is black and white mostly, it is tough to detail everything in a proper way, so they figured a way for that too. Usually, the black background refers to past events and grey ones are for the transition segment. It is important to tell both the past and present stories. The emotions are also described using certain figures.

While reading a manga you will visualise more and relive them.

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