Published By: Sohini

The Pros and Cons of Co-Parenting

Check out these pros and cons you might require if you are also planning for co-parenting

When done right, co-parenting can offer a lot of advantages and if something goes wrong it can potentially damage the kids involved. Co-parenting is an alternative to parallel parenting. It is basically for those who got divorced or separated but want to raise their kid with proper parenting.


Most of the articles and research have spoken about psychological benefits for children who are being raised through shared parenting relationships. This majorly includes an increased sense of security, high self-esteem, and decreased stress. Despite these benefits, every family should make a decision based on the whole picture.

Regular support payments

Receiving and paying child support payments are mostly less of a conflict in shared situations as per The Center for Divorce Education. Co-parenting is based on a premise wherein both parents play an active role and do not feel that they have lost their children, so they are inclined to provide more financial support.

Mitigate stress from the life of a single parent

The increase in demand for work, caring for the children, bills, and household chores by yourself can be more than overwhelming. This is where one should opt for co-parenting relationships that are way more significant when it comes to taking care of a kid. Apart from that, it can help the co-parents in terms of releasing stress if they are ready to communicate effectively with each other, share relevant information, and treat each other with respect. Opting for co-parenting is very helpful when you require someone to help run the kids for practices and games. If ever there is a sudden illness, you will be having someone to take care of and help you with childcare. You will be having a helping hand to keep track of school assignments, doctor appointments, and due dates.


If you and your former partner are not ready to give up your ego, and hostility and are still experiencing aggressive anger, co-parenting is not an option.

Limit your mobility and keep aside all emotions

If you and your partner are both committed to being in your kid’s life, then you must live in relative proximity to one another. It can be difficult if one of them has a demanding travel schedule, gets to relocate, is deployed, or loses their job. Also one more important thing, you need to put aside disagreements and emotions with your ex-partner if you are planning to opt for co-parenting.

So, there is alot to consider when it comes to a successful co-parenting relationship.