The pros and cons of remote education.

Pandemic not only affected the work-life but also students faced the change in their mode of learning. Remote or online education is such designed that students can attend their classes from anywhere irrespective of geographical distances.

Although we cannot blame it on the pandemic that started distance education; Universities, colleges and edu-tech companies choose to focus on online education. But students often hesitate to choose online education, thinking about their pros and cons. What are those?

Let us look into the list of advantages and disadvantages of remote education.


It removes the hustle to migrate for learning under the preferred choice of university or teacher. With an online mode of education, you can attend your classes from any part of the world.

It is highly economical, as it helps you by cutting extra costs in different things- travel costs, accommodation fees, maintenance charges and others. If you compare online education with traditional mode, you can calculate the difference by yourself.

You will get enough content in the form of videos, PPT, PDF files, sample papers, question banks etc. These contents are accessible using any device at any time.

With flexibility in education, you can earn and learn at the same time. You can always enrol for different courses to up-skill yourself.

It is one of the best ways to learn different uses of technology. Attending online classes will always help you become tech-savvy as you will be using various applications, websites, online forums and tools during the learning sessions.


Use of the internet and high chances of getting distracted walks hand in hand. With no one around and lack of face to face interactions, losing focus is one of the disadvantages of remote education. So it is vital to use the focus mode available on your device.

It might be cost-effective in some cases, but some expenses stay hidden. The cost of internet connection and electronic gadgets is the added cost you spend while signing up for distance education.

With excess study materials and choice of subjects, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one, to begin.

Technology comes with few drawbacks such as hardware failure, software malfunctioning, loss of connectivity, complicated applications and others. These drawbacks can interrupt your learning process.

Distance learning can be, only if you are a self-learner. With the large number of students attending a lecture, it is difficult for the teacher to pay attention to individual students.

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