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The Quintessential café culture in Calcutta

Café culture is highly prominent in Calcutta. There is no dearth of cafes in this city!  Whether it is tea or coffee, both are equally loved here, and cafes provide the ideal place for people’s cravings along with Calcutta’s other favorite activity, Adda. Here are some interesting facts about the quintessential café culture that exists in this city and how it came about!


The Indian Coffee House at Bankim Chandra Street is the oldest coffee house in Calcutta. The building was established in 1876, initially as Albert Hall. Later the coffee board started a coffee joint here in 1942. It had two sections, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Variations were present as to the charges, and the preparations served on each floor. This café was a haunt for many stalwarts and intellectual literati. Even today, it is one of the most popular places for everyone in Calcutta. The rustic walls and the old-world charm of the place, not to mention their impeccable coffee makes it hard to resist! Visitors are recommended to eat some of the continental snacks on the menu, and gulp them down with their delicious, unique homemade cold coffee. The concept of intellectual conversation over coffee could be attributed to this place.

Cafes All Over Calcutta

College Street is not the only locality to be blessed with a café. Not only are there some other old haunts, such as a major one on Park Street. Nowadays, the city has sprung up with cafes everywhere! While the old ones are still there, there are numerous which have come up in the area of Southern Avenue, Gariahat, and Deshapriya Park, as well as in other parts. These have such an endearing ambiance for every kind of purpose, whether it is work or conversation. These cafes are the perfect places for hanging out or if you are just looking to do your work, and wanted to leave the house for a while!

The value of Adda

There is not anything more important to people in Calcutta than the leisurely idea of sitting back and engaging in Adda sessions! The cafes are the ideal setups for engaging in Adda. One can sit back and enjoy the ambiance, owing to the creatively done interiors, and engage in gossip, laughter, or even official work!

 Continental Food

A lot of these cafes, along with coffee, serve tasty continental food, and are thus good for grabbing a bite!

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