The Rise of Newbie Modern Investors

The COVID pandemic has changed the lives, working patterns, and perspectives about the life of a common man. The job market has become volatile and jobs have become very demanding as well as grilling. The increments in the salary figures have been minimal whereas rising inflation has dug a huge hole in the pocket of a salaried person. With their backs to the wall, people have started looking for additional sources of income.

Newbie modern investor values investments

While some have jumped on the entrepreneurship bandwagon, a majority of the young, updated, and aware workforce have opted to go for small and smart investments in the stock market. The affinity towards this new age productive activity can be attributed to several reasons, the major reason being that the new generation is aware of the financial security aspect at a very early age. People even in the age group of 25-30 value the importance of investments and being financially secure. To add to it, there is enough content available on the internet that can guide and nurture their investment habits. This not only inculcates a habit of learning in them but also gives them better earnings than what banks and other financial institutions would have offered them. The entry of crypto and digital currency brought in a huge wave of newbie investors into the investment domain. Along with it came a large number of web-based applications that made investing very simple, easy, and convenient. The new entrants could invest a very minimal amount and track their growth. This encouraged and motivated the young and employed individuals who had a little more time to spare because of the work from home ritual.

Covid-19 pandemic pushed people toward the world of  stock marketing and cryptocurrency

The increasing lay-offs across corporations during the pandemic also pushed a lot of employed individuals to earn some fast money through this medium. However, this helped to lift the financial literacy of our nation to a new high. One of the major highlights of this great investment uproar in the country was that the penetration of newbie investors in tier 2 and tier 3 cities was as good as the metro and other bigger cities, if not better.

This clearly establishes the fact that people across social and economic barriers were keen on exploring this option. After a dull and mundane 2021, the stock market has recovered too and is scaling new heights with every day.

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