The rising trend of green dating in India

It is safe to say to millennials are the flag bearer of environmentalism and the new generation is taking the flag forward with their concerns about environment. Green dating is a concept that has emerged in the recent times. It means that you will only date a person who shares the same feelings for mother Earth and your dating will be eco-friendly.

If you go through social media dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, you will notice that many people have put 'environmentalist' as part of their personality on their bio. These people work for the environment in some or the other way and they want to be in a relationship with the person who share the same enthusiasm and concern about the planet. Green dating, however, is not limited to just dating a environmentalist. It also has several important features.

Eco friendly gifts

One of the major aspects of green dating is that you will gift each other environment friendly gifts. There are many companies these days who make eco friendly gifts for the couples. These may vary from plants to plastic free gifts. Also, making gifts at home y using natural products is also a new trend which is a part of green dating.

Walking or cycling dates

We all know that vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to the global warming. When two people who care for environment plan a date, they also plan a walking or a cycling date. Walking or cycling instead of taking your personal vehicle is an important part which you can do to reduce the pollution. Many people are trying these kinds of date in order to reduce the pollution.

No to plastic

Plastic consumption is one of the biggest threats to the planet. Green dating involves not buying anything made up of plastic while you are together. It ranges from a plastic water bottle to a soft drink. According to many couples, they opt for bringing even their water bottles from home and never buy anything made up of plastic from outdoor, no matter how thirsty they are. As an alternative, they bring water bottle made up of natural items.

Cleaning drive

Going to cleaning drive is one of the parts of green dating these days. As compared to earlier times, people nowadays are more involved in different cleaning drives. Many couples these days plan their dates to a beach where they contribute towards making the planet clean by picking up the garbage. It is safe to say that green dating is better than just dating.