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The role of production in society and in history

Production, what does that have to deal with society? And history! – Here’s what!

In a society, the production relations between the producers, who do all the hard work of executing the process of work, the funders who invest money and infrastructure to initiate the work, and last but not the least, the consumers, who use all these products collecting them from the marketplace, form the fabric of their social relation which is the interpersonal relation between these three parties and how does that affect their social behaviors. If we follow this path, it becomes easier to understand how production relations between the makes, the investors and the buyers create a complicated web of social relations that directly stems from their interpersonal production relation.

The Impact of Production – The mother of all activity

Is it really true that production is the mother of all human activities? Indeed. At the stage of production, all the other human activities get derived out of the interpersonal production relations between the makers, the investors and the market. It would be easier for us to understand someone’s social standing and the impact they can conjure socially, only if we follow their activity in the production process. At least the impact they do have in the production process will be a major determinant factor in understanding all his other activities.

How does production affect our knowledge?

Our personal knowledge, as much as our universal wisdom, majorly depends on our corresponding activities in the process of production. When we work towards a goal, to produce a result, we start to understand the corresponding phenomena from within, through the properties of all involved elements working with the various laws of nature. Our knowledge builds up from this relation between our own experiences of self, and others, alongside our experience of the nature. We cannot acquire knowledge barring taking active parts in the process of production.

In a perfect egalitarian and equitable world, without divisive classes, every member of the society joins in a common effort with other members and gain knowledge of the process. But when the societies are cut up into fragments, people represent their own interest in terms of the class and socio-economic background the belonged. In both the cases, the respective production relations form the bedrock of all the knowledge.

How to understand history through the evolution of production relations?

In human history, production relation has evolved since the beginning of time, and it won’t be an overstatement to say that history has been directory derived from the evolution of these production relations among people.

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