The Secret To Growing Rapunzel-Like Hair

Envy anyone with Rapunzel hair? Well, not anymore! Here are the secrets of growing shiny, lustrous hair in no time.

Having shiny and healthy hair has been a consistent mention is every wish list. But battling pollution, hectic lifestyle, and work stress have never been easy and taken a toll on our hair quality. We envy our mothers and grandmothers who flaunt their knee-length cascade without applying half the hair products that we use.

Wish there was some magic to maintain long and healthy hair while living in a city? Well, there is. Apparently, hair loss is an acquired problem due to the myths we have followed disguised as haircare. Here are the few steps and habits to inculcate that will help you live the Rapunzel hair dream in no time.

  1. Massage Your Hair-

Even though we know massaging your hair roots is essential, how often do we do that? To be honest, going out with greasy hair is not an option, and that leads to ignoring hair care totally. To reverse the torture done on your hair, make sure you massage your hair at least twice a week with nourishing hot oil. If you feel your hair is too damaged, you can coat it with oil from tip to roots and let it sit for the night to have silky hair the next time you shampoo.

  1. Go Natural-

The best way to pamper your body is to go all-natural. No matter how tempting the chemicals in the product or the packaging looks, make sure you stick to all-natural products only. You don’t need too many products. a nourishing oil and cleansing shampoo are good to go. Even if you feel you need to smoothen your hair with serum and conditions, keep out from brands that use sulphides, parabens and colourants.

  1. Avoid Heat-

Styling has made it compulsory to straighten and curl your hair too soon. Even blow-drying your hair soaks up all moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and frizzy. Keep the heat to a minimum, and try drying your hair naturally using suns heat and wind.

  1. Secure The Natural Oil-

Your scalp produces natural oil to coat your hair and keep it from becoming dry. Make sure you supplement it with the right nutrition and keep your hair from drying out. Do not shampoo your hair too often, and keep away from exposing your hair to direct sunlight.

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