The Shining Stars of Indian Stand-up Comedy

The rise of stand-up comedy in India is encouraging young and promising people to take it up as a full-fledged career.

The maturity of the target audience has paved the way for intelligent comedy to spread its wings in India. Given that it is still at a nascent stage of its evolutionary process, it has been received well by the rational minds who were on the verge of denouncing the burlesque buffoonery in the name of humour replete with racist caricatures and offensive content, often sidelined in the entertainment industry. Today they are sophisticated and classy who like to tickle our funny bones and also get us mentally stimulated with something to chew on afterwards. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought after stand-up comedians of India.

Biswa Kalyan Rath

Also known as Mast Aadmi, Biswa is an IIT alumnus who is famous for Pretentious Reviews along with an equally talented Kanan Gill. He also has done Amazon Specials, directed a web series called Laakhon Mein Ek and toured around the world for his comedy show. His comedy is intelligent, observational and incorporates logic and mathematics into his acts.

Zakir Khan

A master storyteller who comes from a family of musicians from Indore, Khan has a way of connecting with his audience in the form of his relatable stories woven around his life. He is a master of self-deprecating humour and peculiar catchphrases which often become a hit with the audience. He is also a trained musician and poet whose poetry is quite popular among his fans

Abhishek Upamanyu

Upamanyu may look like a perpetually confused man, but he is sorted in his comedy. This gifted comedian is an expert on light-hearted humour and has a knack of cracking jokes and making his audience bursting out in loud laughter on his simple jokes.

Vir Das

You must have seen him in movies, but he is a natural in comedy. His Netflix specials, coupled with more than a hundred shows around the world, make him one of the classiest comedians from India.

Atul Khatri

Apart from being a comedian, he is also the CEO of a tech company and started doing comedy at the age of fifty. His humour is centred on politics and his own family.  He has also been a part of East India Company for some years before venturing out with independent comedy shows which are quite popular on social media.

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