Published By: Sreyanshi

The steps of building up our knowledge base

Knowledge is a foundation that is built brick by brick. Here is how we can build our knowledge base following a step by step plan.

How do we understand development in today’s society is how we can measure our knowledge base. We develop our knowledge slowly but steadily, following a certain steps, not unlike how the development of any concept or product works. It always starts with the first step and then goes into extension from lower to higher levels, in both the cases of knowledge as well as development.

Our knowledge, whether that of the nature of the society, develops step by step and that too follows this rule of growing from lower to higher levels with each step. Only following such steps can we navigate our journey from shallower to gradually deeper waters of human knowledge. We begin to understand each and every problem with a many-sided understands as opposed to the initial one-sided understanding.

We can understand the process of gathering knowledge through the following steps:

Personal Experience:

When we first come in contact with a certain situation, our experience of the thing becomes restricted by our own limited reference point of understanding the experience. At this point, we cannot claim our experience to be processed, but it sure does mark the beginning of the knowledge gathering process.

Perceptive knowledge

After we experience a phenomenon, we process our sensory data and form a comparatively superficial understanding of it, which forms our perceptive knowledge of the said experience. At this stage, the understanding of the phenomenon is fragmented and one-sided, lacks a multifaceted understanding.

Expansion of understanding, from one-sided to many

The phenomenon then goes through the process of cognition, analysis and derivation and reaches a multi-faceted understanding from its initial one-sided understanding which was limited to say the least. If we do our analysis meticulously we can successfully expand our understanding of the said phenomenon from one-sided to many.

Universalised Knowledge

Here comes the final stage of the process of gathering knowledge. At this stage, we use our expansive, multi-faceted understanding of a phenomenon and compare it with similar as well as dissimilar phenomena, to come to a universalised understanding of the first phenomenon. Following the process, someone's personal experience can become a legendary factor in forming the universal knowledge base for us.