The story of Rapping community in India

Rapping is believed to have originated from west African folk tradition.

Typical meaning of “rap” can suggest hitting or striking something with a quick and cunning blow. With time the meaning evolved into uttering something vigorously. Rapping is believed to have originated from west African folk tradition. It was a form to rhythmically state a story with a purpose to deliver a message; More specifically the thoughts and situations of the movements of people of colour. With time, rapping has spread across the globe and now it’s widely used to convey one’s thoughts on any current matter to others.

History: In India

India has a rich history of music. There was always a diversity in languages in India, providing the diversity in music and songs. From traditional music to regional music you can find an enormous number of Indians indulged in the music universe. Rapping is a new kid in this gigantic ocean, yet it has gained quite a popularity in such a small amount of time. From the last decade of the 20th century, Hindi rap started getting acknowledged.

The Interest: Growing Day by Day

Rap is quite a difficult form of singing where you have to pronounce the words very fast while maintaining its rhythm. With time, the interest towards rapping has increased. After Baba Sehgal, many rappers have emerged from all over India. There are many social events happening in every corner everyday feeding the ideas of rap. People are using rapping as the medium of expressing themselves.

Overcoming Barriers: Language

There is no such language barrier in case of rapping. If you have a fair enough grasp on your language, have a sense of rhythm and have a creative mind, you can create your lyrics for the rap. People are rapping in their own languages, which is making a well-directed diversity. It is helping people connect with other communities through music.

Popularity: Defying Age Gaps

Rapping has gotten familiar to a wide range of people. Both teens and adults find it fascinating enough. There are many popular rappers nowadays in India working for the music industries like Emiway Bantai, Honey Singh, etc. Their songs are very famous among the audience. New rappers are also emerging everyday building small groups and practising together.

Future Aspects: Social Influence

The youth are interested in showing their creativity. They are using social media platforms which are easy to handle and can be distributed to the viewers easily. Social media has brought many individual rappers for collaboration and promoted community building effectively.

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