The struggles of being a pet parent

Parenting furry babies is even more challenging than human babies, let’s look at the struggles involved!

The cute little paws are enticing and we simply cannot live without them. But being pet parents has its own challenges and merits. We already know about the unconditional love, comfort and coziness they have to offer but the challenges are not frequently discussed and are mostly ignored. Let’s have a look at the challenges you might face as a pet parent.

Attention hooman!

Attention is one such thing that creatures with conscious crave for and your little paw babies will be no different. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cat or a dog, once you adopt one, you are in it for life. They will seek your attention and whether you like it or not you will have to provide attention even when you are working. They are going to remain kids for their entire life and would crave for your attention always.

Food habits

Yes you can provide them with healthy options but the truth is they would most likely bug you for snacks from time to time. They are just like us and like to keep munching on snacks. They would probably look at you with puppy eyes when you are eating and not sharing, but don’t give in to that trap because snacks we consume, that have preservatives or even stuff like chocolate can make them sick.

Vet visits

Remember the horror of going to the dentist or the physician and the nightmare of needles? Yes they don’t like it either. They will most likely be scared and wouldn’t want to get along at first, so you will need to use tricks to take them to the vet.

Fur everywhere

Remember your den is no more just your home. They will get on top of kitchen counters, study tables, bed and everywhere else you don’t want them. But that’s the pleasure in this tragedy, they are cute and they will make themselves at home sooner or later. Once they do feel at home, expect fur on clothes, food, books, laptop and everywhere else you can possibly imagine. So either get your contacts ready for cleaning service or pick up the vacuum, your choice!

No workaholic in the pet house

Once your house becomes a pet house, do not expect not to be bugged during your hardcore work sessions. Guess what, pets don’t like workaholics. They will play god with you and won’t give you attention but when it is their time to seek attention, it doesn’t matter if you are on an interview on national television from your home, they will infringe.

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