The Switch from Satellite Entertainment to Smart App-Based Entertainment

They say the only thing that is constant is ‘Change’. This statement stands true for almost all spheres of our life. One has to continuously evolve and adapt to survive in this competitive and grilling world. On similar lines, the television entertainment industry has undergone a revolutionary change in the last half a decade or so.

The advent of the OTT platform and changing taste of the consumer

With the advent of numerous OTT platforms, content has become the game-changer in this dynamic industry. Consumers are slowly moving away from family dramas and reality shows to more gripping thrillers, adventure-based stories, and documentaries. The change in taste is not just limited to series and movies. People are following a large number of sports and other international leagues.

Downfall of satellite entertainment

One other factor that has heavily tilted the balance in favor of these Over the Top platforms is the availability of smart TV options in the market and that too at very affordable prices. This has made new-age customers do away with the direct-to-home dish setups. The satellite entertainment eco-system involves very high monthly subscription charges, unnecessary and unwanted channels, and logistic hindrances while moving from one place to another. The technology was also not weatherproof and hence services were disrupted during storms or cloudy weather.

Web-based entertainment overcame all the grey area

Web-based entertainment is dependent only on internet connectivity which has improved across the country over the last few years. Apart from engaging content, these platforms have also started providing live TV services which have broadened the customer base even wider. This has led to a complete downfall of the conventional direct to the home entertainment industry. Although these platforms have similar tariffs, many of them have collaborations with internet service providers and mobile network providers and thus come in at rather economical prices. The new-age directors are bringing the best out of a large pool of talented actors and the result is quite clearly evident from the rating chart of the shows. The pandemic caused the closure of movie theaters and multiplexes have acted like fuel to fire for these new-age entertainment platforms.

Looking at the popularity of these, it seems curtains are down for the orthodox satellite entertainment system if they do not get out of their comfort zone and bring some market-disrupting changes.

Elisa Ghosh

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