Published By: Sreyanshi

The Thawing Arctic Will Soon Unleash A Toxic Environmental Nightmare

Hell is about to be unleashed from 20,000 hazardous waste dump sites in permafrost.

You have probably noticed that Earth has recently been growing quite a deal hotter. Contrary to what some very misinformed individuals believe, we are to blame for this overheating, and global warming will shortly make life on our planet substantially more challenging. The permafrost beneath our feet will thaw as the globe warms, releasing any horrors it has been holding in its frozen grasp. There are a lot of naturally occurring terrors imprisoned there, such as historic pandemics that are still alive and ready to spread again (learn more here) and enough carbon dioxide and methane to create genuinely cataclysmic runaway climate change at about eight degrees Celsius.

However, scientists have recently discovered a large number of additional man-made horrors that we might not be able to combat.

We believed that the permafrost would never melt before the 1990s. We estimated that it would actually take hundreds of millions of years for such a big and massive landscape to alter. Although it seems crazy now, this was the prevailing opinion at the time.

As a result, we dumped some truly horrifying rubbish into the permafrost during the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. From oil and gas exploration, stockpiles of mining waste (which is laden with poisonous heavy metals), deserted military facilities, lakes into which pollutants were purposefully dumped, industrial toxic waste and even nuclear waste, we produced microdumps full of toxic sludge.

The rationale for these dumps was reasonable science at the time: the perpetual ice would prevent any of these disgusting things from leaking into the ecosystem. That would require a medium, such as flowing water, and the permafrost made that impossible.

But contemporary research has unequivocally established that the High Arctic is more affected by global warming than any other region in the world. In actuality, the area where these dumps are situated is warming at a pace that is four times faster than the rest of the planet. There may be up to 20,000 of these locations, and 3,500 to 5,200 of them are expected to thaw out by the turn of the century, according to a recent assessment by experts.

In other words, before they begin to thaw, the places on Western grounds may and must be carefully confined or cleaned up. The more fragile ecosystems on the globe would suffer severe damage if we don't take action, and tens of thousands of lives might be in danger. But even if we do, it appears that there is nothing we can do to stop this catastrophe. Not because we are unable to execute it technically or lack the necessary staff to complete the job. No, it's due to global politics and the worst boomer in the world carrying out his Soviet delusions.