The trolling culture and the fall of big Hindi films

It is a known fact that Hindi cinema has lost its charm. There are no superstars today and any film can get flop before its release these days. The internet has given voice to many unknown faces who are deciding the fate of the big films.

Here are some factors which are responsible for this hate culture.

Drug and nepotism allegations 

The film industry is suffering from heavy backlash and trolling these days. No matter what they do, say, post or shoot, there is a big group of people who troll them. This trolling and boycott has resulted in the fall of many big films in Bollywood including the very best. It s assumed that all big stars and drug addicts and there is a nepotism gang in the Indian film industry which doesn’t allow the outsiders to work. Also, there is a big army who claimed themselves to be the fan of Sushant Singh Rajput and blame the big celebrities for is unfortunate demise. The reason is unclear but this group of people come together after every few weeks to troll an upcoming movie and starts a boycott trend.

Comparison with South

One of the major reasons why the Indian film industry is facing so many issues that it s constantly compared to the South Indian film industry. The troll army is making people believe that the industry is doing great work and they are closer to their traditional roots whereas the Hindi film industry does not care for society. This comparison has resulted in some great misconceptions and is a reason behind the industry’s condition today. The audience is not even comparing the industries by the quality of their work and they have set their own moral parameters to judge the people involved in these two big industries.

Shamshera and other Big FIlms

Shamshera is a Karan Malhotra movie which is produced by Yash Raj Films and has Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt in the lead. It focused on the story of a lower caste tribe and their fight with the British regime in India. The film however, received backlash before it even released. The reason for the trolling varied from the allegations of nepotism to hyper nationalism. The film was said to hurt the sentiments of a community and they boycotted it because according to them, the star cast did not speak about the death of their beloved celebrity. This has resulted in the boycott of many big films including Prithviraj, Lal Singh Chaddha, Zero and others. It is believed that the big stars have taken the audience for granted.

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