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The ultimate Berlin Checklist- A list of things you must do – Part 1

Are you planning a trip to Berlin, Germany and trying to think of what you should do once, you get there? Well, here is a list of things that you must have in your itinerary. To begin with, Berlin is a huge city, and has so many things, that you should consider spending a significant amount of time there! Here are some things which you can add to your list!

Must Visit - Museum Island

 Make sure that you visit Museum Island. Here there are numerous museums, starting with the famous Pergamon museum (which unfortunately has just been closed for the next fourteen years! However, you can consider catching the panorama of the Pergamon Museum, which gives a satisfactory tour of the museum. Neues Museum, which has the bust of Nefertiti, along with many fascinating antiquities from Ancient Egypt is another option. These are a delight to experience. Moreover, the best thing about the Neues museum is that they are structured in such a manner, that you feel like you are walking into an Egyptian temple. This is a common aspect in many German museums- the façade is brought to you, and you feel like you are stepping back in time. Other major museums include the Altes Museum Bode Museum, and the famous Berliner Dome. Opposite, there is also the Humboldt forum, which is also an interesting space. Exploring this area over a few days is recommended, as you will be exposed to a vast amount of history. You can even purchase a collective ticket which allows you to visit any museum in Museum Island, and is valid for three days!

Check out the nightlife!

 Berlin nightlife is extremely reputed and famous, and for good reason! If you are someone who loves partying, make sure to spend at least a few nights that you are there, trying to go to different places. Though difficult to get in, the clubs have this amazing subversive and extremely woke vibe, and you will never want to leave. There are some rules to go in, such as your outfit has to be mostly black, and sometimes the bouncer asks you questions, which you have to answer. Make sure you carry your ID, however, but not your passport, and don’t be disheartened if you can’t get in! Just go to the next club.  Trust me, this is an experience you haven’t had but will cherish!

Try out diverse cuisines

 Though food in Berlin has been reputed to be tasteless in the past, fortunately, it has improved now! While doner kebabs were always there, now if one goes to Berlin you will see an unexpected rise in cuisines from different parts of the world, Vietnamese, Thai, Yemeni, Iranian, Italian and more! At any point, if you feel hungry, indulge!

Check out the Flea markets

 If you are looking to buy interesting unique stuff, then something that you can do is explore the flea markets of Berlin. Here, you can negotiate a good deal. You will be sure to find exciting and unique stuff, sometimes even rare things. They happen on weekends in Alexanderplatz as well as other localities in Berlin!

Explore the Topography of terror

If you are keen to examine the legacy of the Second World War, then one more museum that you must visit is the Topography of Terror. It gives a detailed narrative about the atrocities of Nazi Germany and the horrific events which marked and lead to Hitler’s Rise to Power!