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The Ultimate Berlin checklist- Part two

The craziest thing about Berlin is, that it is a city which is so massive, that one list of things to do hardly scratches the surface. Don’t worry though, here is a continuation of the checklist for you to follow! Continuing…

Visit Jewish Memorial-

Supplementing the Topography of Terror, and the cobbled stones on the street, giving you details about people who suffered during the Second World War, one more place you must visit is the Jewish memorial. This encompasses an entire architectural structure, of grey-coloured graves, representing those Jews who were lost in the war. Accompanying that is a museum, which draws upon the horrors of Nazi Germany and the holocaust, and the horrors that fascism is capable of, on a community.  

A Walk from Alexanderplatz to Brandenburg Gate is a Must!-

One of the most classic trails you can take up, which will successfully provide you with an orientation of the city, is a walk from Alexanderplatz, and makes way to Brandenburg Tor. You will get to experience the central part of the city, see the Humboldt University, pass by the Humboldt Forum, cross Museum Island and finally reach Unter den Linden, and then Brandenburg Tor, which is the gate that officially used to divide East and West Berlin. It is an interesting experience, and you will get a taste of Berlin life!

Walk around Hermann Platz

Once you have walked around the central part of the city, take a trip to Hermann Platz and walk around that area! What you will experience are two very different worlds. Here there is a huge immigrant population, and hence culture, in the form of Turkish bakeries, shops, Yemeni, Syrian, and Iranian restaurants. This complements the previous walk you made. Altogether you get a complete picture of  Berlin. Altogether, it makes for an extremely exciting experience and helps you understand the complexity of the city, the diversity it contains and its dynamism!

Visit Hackescher Hofe

 The Hackescher Hofe locality is situation is situation in the centre of Berlin, between Friedrichestrasse and Alexanderplatz. It is a courtyard complex, which consists of 8 interconnected courtyards. Before the war, this was a massive Jewish settlement. Despite being destroyed in the war, this place has been restored, and the charm of this place is sure to draw you in! The entire area is full of cafes and restaurants, which serve excellent food. Sit back and enjoy a drink or even a meal! It is an extremely unique place and has an interesting historical vibe!

Trace the Berlin Wall!

 During the Cold War, the Berlin Wall was a boulder built to mark the distinction between East Berlin and West Berlin. Today, remnants are visible at  Checkpoint Charlie which was one of the most important and iconic locations. It contained the part of the Berlin Wall, where one could cross over. A part of the wall is still there. Another place, where the largest extant of the wall is there is the East Side Gallery, where there are many murals!

See a play!

  The Berlin Theatre scene is one of the most exciting things in the world! There are many theatres all over Berlin, such as the Schaubuhne, the Maxim Gorki and the HAU theatres, amongst others. Also don’t think that you won’t be able to understand- most plays have subtitles, therefore bridging that gap. Find one that does! Check out a play and go watch it! Their acting, scenography, lights, music, concepts- everything is of another level! The sophistication of stagecraft is something unique to the Germans. You will find yourself completely mesmerized by their productions. Trust me, this is a can’t-miss!