The Use Of Fire Safety Apps And How Helpful They Are

The apps in need- fire safety applications and how they can keep you shielded from disasters.

The gift of nature and its five elements have been worshipped by mankind since ancient times. As emphasized repeatedly, fire, one of nature’s fury, should be handled with care, and measures should be taken to stay protected from it. Without a doubt, your home and workplace should be equipped with fire safety like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, but once you are outside, these give little or no shield to you.

With the advent of technological advancement and the gift of intelligent phones, here are some of the applications to install that will prompt you of a nearby fire accident and how you can make others alert and take safety measures accordingly.

  1. Firerescue1-

Perfect for firefighters, this is the best app to install on your smartphone. It prompts you the tips, articles and videos to keep you fully aware of the situation. The free app is exactly what the hero’s need to save maximum lives in case of a fire breakout.

  1. IFP Magazine App-

The official app of International Fire Protection Magazine helps to stay up to date with all websites content on your phone. It is easy to keep up with the news and stay updated with the newest products to save yourself and others from fire.

  1. Fire Inspection-

As a fire inspector, the fire inspection app can be a handy tool. Especially for those conduction inspections regularly, it helps ensure fire safety gear on-premises and allows a business to meet guidelines. It covers hydrants, fire extinguishers and fire preventers. The checklist and forms are customized to give control to you while performing inspections.

  1. Smoke Alarm Messenger-

Smoke Alarm Messenger alerts your phone through SMS or mail that you choose when the smoke detector goes off in your home or office. The primary use is to keep your family and belongings safe from any mishap during a fire accident. It helps monitor the smoke alarm signals and sends a message to the person to prevent the fire department’s false alarm.

  1. Fire Safety E-Learning-

The app is ideal for your guide during an emergency situation: the evacuation procedures and knowledge of what you should do during a fire accident. The free app is a pro version and helps fleshed out applications.

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