The Ways to Time Travel We Have Excavated So Far in The Real World

What is time but an illusion of light which travels across the fabric of reality we like to call the spacetime

Let’s make the fact clear that we have, in fact, in this 21st century, travelled through time. It’s not just the regular passage of time in our daily lives, though that too qualifies as legit time travel. But the thing is, time travel has come out of the stories of science fiction. Astronauts in space have experienced actual time travel to the future, even though it’s just by a couple of seconds. And inside a quantum computer, time travel has been made possible in the reverse direction as well.

The First Ideas of Physics: A Peek into the Largest

The Theory of Relativity was developed by Herr Einstein in the year 1905 – 1906. Hence General Relativity had to be developed with a little bit of tensorial mathematics and topology. This theory enabled us to understand the fabric of the universe as spacetime. And even led us to the first theoretical fluke, which later turned out to be one of the most exciting hot topics of today – the black hole.

The First Theoretical Explorations: Into the Smallest

In the 20th century, eminent physicists such as Max Planck, Niels Bohr and Richard P. Feynman enriched our study of the world beyond the particles of molecules and atoms and into the world of quarks and bosons and eventually the Planck length. These discoveries allowed our understanding of the world we live in to bear fruits previously not found. Quantum mechanical studies combined with the rise of the computer chip thanks to nanotechnology, which saw its major development at the beginning of the 21st century, and we were left with a device of countless possibilities.

Time travel we achieved so far: Into the past and the future

Today we try to unite the two theories of quantum mechanics and relativity. And in the path of doing so, we come to the following observations. More gravity slows down time. And the quantum computer can reverse the entropy of a system. And make it travel into the past in a matter of some femtoseconds (10-15s). Time travel isn’t as easy as fiction yet, but the first steps have been taken.

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