The well-known hammer throwers athletes from India

A rare sport not much played by Indian athletes, the few we have are listed here

A sport that falls under the throwing events in regular track and field competitions, hammer throw is not your conventional Thor hammer throw. Unlike its name, the hammer here comprises a metal ball attached by a steel wire for a perfect grip. Here, the size of the ball varies between men’s and women’s competitions. A sport of pure strength at the display, the showcase of force has shifted from power to speed for gaining higher distance over the years.

The hammer is swung around for a maximum of five rotations in a circular motion using the body strength. As the ball moves in a circular motion, at the right momentum, the athlete increasing velocity with each spin throws the hammer in the target section. Though an ancient game, it is an excellent sport in the Olympics. India, too has since the beginning made its mark in the hammer throw. Here is the well-known hammer throw.

ManjuBala Swami

ManjuBala Swami won the bronze medal at the 2014 Asian Games in the hammer throw as a track and field athlete. Swami threw the hammer at a distance of 60.47m which was shorter than Zhang. The 25-year-old athlete from Rajasthan had qualified for the Asian Games after giving her season-best of 62.74m at the inter-state meet.

Jagdev Singh Waraich

A former national and international hammer throw athlete, from 1984 till 1997, Waraich rose from the State Champion ranking to an Asian Champion in hammer throw events. From ’84 to ’97, Waraich contested in many championships globally. He is also known for setting a new National Record in Hammer Throw event in 1993, breaking a 24-year-old record. But at the moment, Waraich is working with ONGC as General Manager in Dehradun. He was awarded the Eklavya Award by the Government of Gujarat and the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award by the Government of Punjab for his sports achievements.

Praveen Kumar Sobti

Famously known for portraying the character of Bheemin the epicMahabharat serial, Sobti was also an Olympic-level athlete from India. He was a hammer and discus thrower who won four medals at the Asian Games, including two gold medals, a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games, and two Olympics.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav

Uttar Pradesh track and field athlete Yadav specializes in Hammer throw. He is known for setting the Indian National record of 70.16m in 2003 at the Second National Athletic Circuit Meet.

Nat Singh Somnath competed in the men’s hammer throw at the 1948 Summer Olympics.

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