The Worst Financial Decisions You can Make

You can’t always make the perfect decisions when it comes to managing your finances and that’s okay but look out for the money blunders that can have a long-term effect.

Adulting is tough but making wise financial decisions is even tougher. It’s normal to feel bombarded with financial advices coming from everywhere while you sit to plan out your budget or a long-term investment. However, while some of these financial advices could change your money management game, others could also hurt your finances. Having a sound knowledge about handling money is crucial especially if you are just starting out. Here are some of the financial mistakes you could make that you need to look out for.

Letting Your Debt Collect

Kiss your credit goodbye, if you are thinking of skipping out on outstanding payments and letting it go into the collections folder. Doing this can make your credit score fall down by at least a 100 points. Moreover, collection accounts take approximately seven years to drop off credit files. Letting your debts collect would also make you face problems when you apply for a loan. You might have to pay higher interest rates at a significant amount or your application might be denied as well.

Putting Off Insurance

The whole point of having an insurance plan at hand is it offers you security at times of unexpected emergencies. People often put off investing in an insurance plan thinking that they could do without it at the moment. That defeats the purpose. You cannot have any idea about when and how you might need it. Having an undefeatable medical bill hanging over your head because you kept putting off getting insurance is the last thing you need really. Moreover, it does not help not having an insurance plan in place in case you lose all your assets in a burglary.

Early Withdrawal Of Retirement Funds

Do not look at your retirement fund as some extra pennies for when you need them. Firstly, retirement funds are supposed to help you sustain after your retirement when you do not have a regular income. Secondly, depending on what type of a retirement account hold, withdrawing funds from it might mean you have to pay income tax and penalties. Moreover, retirement accounts benefit you by compounding your money into a larger amount. Withdrawing money from it is foolishness because it’s going a step back.

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