These are the healthiest types of bread out there

Not all breads are made equal.

Bread have been shamed for being too high in glycemic index. Many have banished it from their pantries forever. High glycemic index means the sugar in bread in broken down fast and runs the chance of spiking sugar levels in blood. Considering more people are favouring gluten-free, low card diet, it is hard to place bread in a health positive light.

That being said, not all breads are created equal though. White bread, primarily, is not a favourite for those looking to eat healthy. But given the number of options out there, from multigrain bread to sourdough, the healthier choices are quite a few.

Here are the healthiest types of bread.

Whole wheat bread: A 100% whole wheat bread is full of fibre and nutrients. Made from whole wheat kernel, whole wheat bread carries minerals like manganese, magnesium calcium, thiamine to name a few. But it is important to know the bread you’re picking is actually 100% whole wheat and does not contain ingredients like “wheat flour” or “enriched bleached flour”.

Ezekiel bread: Ezekiel bread stands out over other breads because it contains no added sugar and is made from sprouted whole grains. It is a nutritional powerhouse as the sprouting process adds minerals, vitamins like lysine and folate. Usually made with wheat, barley, millet, beans, lentils, and spelt, even people with grain protein sensitivities can go for it.

Flaxseed bread: Flax seeds are popular for its high fibre content and polysaturated fats. They are favourite for a gluten -free diet. Flaxseed bread is not only a healthy choice for bread but also caters to those who have gluten sensitivity. Most brands use wheat along with flaxseed, but pure flaxseed bread can be made at home as well.

Oats bread: Oats aren’t just for oatmeal. Oats run the food industry as a healthier choice for just about anything and oats bread is a glowing example. Oats contain beta glucan that helps in lowering bad cholesterol and reducing blood pressure. Their dietary fibre content may reduce constipation. It is important to choose the right kind with minimal added sugars.

Sourdough bread: The tanginess of sourdough bread might not always be a favourite for everyone, but it definitely is one of the healthiest breads. The iconic San Francisco’s bread is made with healthy probiotics to the finished product. The heathy probiotics improves in digestion and boosts the immune system. Here too, whole wheat sourdough is a super healthy option.

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