These are the oldest living wrestlers in the world

Their grit to never give up and continue working is mind blowing.

One might think that a wrestler’s career is alive and active only till a certain age. However, there are certain wrestling champions who are not done yet. Even after crossing the age of 50 and 70 years old, they continue to take any opponent head-on in the ring. Their grit, determination and never give up spirit have brought them a long way. Here are a few such wrestlers who are still active in the ring.

Jerry Lawler

The most decorated Champion of all time, the 69-year-old wrestler is popularly known as The King. He has won around 168 titles throughout his career. Most-loved and famous superstar in Memphis Wrestling in the 70s and 80s, he still wrestles on a regular basis in the Indies.

Steve Borden

The 63-year-old wrestler is famously known by his ring name Sting. Borden is not just a professional wrestler, but also an actor, author, and former bodybuilder. The multi-facet wrestler’s career comprises winning the NWA World Heavyweight Championship 11 times, six times WCW International World Heavyweight Championship, two times WCW World Heavyweight Championship, and four times TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Besides, Borden is also a five-time recipient of the Wrestler of the Year award and a three-time recipient of the Match of the Year award.

Ronnie Aaron Killing

Better known by his ring name R-Truth, the 50-year-old wrestler has been active since 1997. A former United States Champion, R-Truth continues to keep his wrestling career active by participating in competitions and regular television appearances. He has twice been the winner of the USWA Heavyweight Championship before he made a shift to World Championship Wrestling in 1999. He became part of the WWE in 2002 and won the Hardcore Championship three times and once the United States Championship. In 2010 he won the World Tag Team Championship with John Cena.

Mil Mascaras

The 77-year-old wrestler is famous for his lucha libre style in fights. Besides, he has also starred in over 20 movies. Mascaras is one of the Big 3 of the lucha libre tradition in Mexico and is the uncle of former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. And he is a wrestler who is not yet done with his career. In 2019 he teamed up with his brother Dos Caras and defeated Kaz Hayashi & NOSAWA at the Giant Baba Memorial Show.

A few other wrestlers are Monty Kip Sopp a.k.a. Billy Gunn, Bill Goldberg, Dustin Patrick Runnels, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Robert Roode, Shelton Benjamin, Haku, Sabu, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

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