These slowest moving animals in the worldwill amaze you!

Movement speed is one major aspect of surviving on this planet. Some animals can move very fast, while others move slowly.

You will promptly recall a few names when asked about the fastest-moving animals or birds. With incredible speed, Cheetah or Peregrine falcon capture their prey. But, some animals move extremely slowly, not even a meter in one hour. Some creatures evolved without the urgency to rush. This article will describe some of these animals which move very slowly. To eliminate confusion, we didn’t consider animals with sedentary habitats.

Banana slug has a speed of 0.48 kph:

Banana Slugs (scientific name: Ariolimaxcostaricensis) are slow-moving gastropod mollusks without any shells. Scientists consider this as the reason behind the faster speed ofa garden snail. Scientists consider both cousins. You must remember that slugs follow propelling method; mucus is secreted to lubricate the path to move forward.

Giant tortoise has a speed of 0.3 kph:

Generally, Giant tortoises (scientific name: Chelonoidisnigra) move a few kilometers per day only. They walk around for food via grazing in the morning and come back to the resting area in the afternoon.

Three-toed sloth has a speed of 0.27 kph:

Found in Central American countries, the three-toed sloth (Scientifically known as  Bradypodidaebradypus) is the recorded slowest moving mammal on this planet. Mostly they stay on canopies in rainforests.

Sea horse has a speed of 0.015 kph:

This dwarf variety of seahorses (scientifically known as Hippocampus zosterae) is found in the Bahamas and a few regions of the USA. Sea horse holds the record for slowest moving fish, as per the Guinness Book of World Records. Due to the peculiar shape of the body, the movement becomes restricted in sea horses, so they rely upon drifting.

Starfish has a speed of 0.009 kph:

At least 2,000 species of starfish have been detected till now. They live in oceans, preferably on cold seafloors. They crawl with their wiggly tubes located at the arm. When the water current is high, they get easily moved to another place.

Garden snail has a speed of 0.001 kph:

It is well known that snails move very slowly. But, their average speed of movement was not known until continuous experiments with time-lapse photography, LED lights, and UV paints. They move by 1 meter per hour. Due to the thick protection outside the body, they don’t worry much about predators.

Sea anemone has a speed of 0.0001 kph:

The sea anemone belongs to the coral or jellyfish family. There are at least 1000 species of sea anemones with a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. They hunt on fish passing by. Sea anemone move by a peculiar foot-like structure known as a pedal disc.

Aren’t these animals fascinating?

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