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These TV spinoffs upset fans beyond belief - 5 shows that weren't even close to their original!

These shows almost threatened the legacy of the original greats!

When executed effectively, spin-offs can achieve the same level of popularity and acclaim as their predecessors. However, when mishandled, spin-offs risk losing audience interest and tarnishing the reputation of the original show. Here we pick those spin-offs that angered fans and critics alike, almost tarnishing their source material!

'CSI: Cyber' (2015 - 2016)

Anthony E. Zuiker's CSI franchise stands as one of the most prolific in television history, spawning four successful spin-off shows. While some of these spin-offs have achieved notable success, CSI: Cyber, focusing on FBI cyberpsychologists tackling internet-related crimes, emerges as the weakest link in the franchise. The concept of a CSI series centred on cybercrime holds promise, yet Cyber falters due to poor execution. Despite featuring acclaimed stars like Patricia Arquette and fan-favourite Ted Danson, the show's lacklustre writing and evident technical inaccuracies result in a lack of engagement, leading to its premature cancellation after just two seasons.

'Joanie Loves Chachi' (1982 - 1983)

Among the seven spin-offs spawned by the sitcom Happy Days, one stands out as notably inferior: Joanie Loves Chachi. Following the romantic escapades of the titular characters as they pursue music careers in Chicago, the show initially garnered decent ratings in its first season. However, viewership sharply declined in its second season, prompting ABC to cancel it prematurely. Decades later, Joanie Loves Chachi is regarded as a disappointing addition to the Happy Days universe. Despite Joanie and Chachi's popularity on the original show, their romance couldn't sustain interest in the spin-off. With supporting characters ranging from grating to forgettable, the series failed to capture the charm of its predecessor and remains remembered as one of the worst spin-offs in television history.

'Better Call Saul Presents: Slippin' Jimmy' (2022)

Better Call Saul reigns supreme among television spin-offs, expanding on Breaking Bad's Jimmy McGill character to widespread acclaim. However, an animated comedy spin-off exploring Jimmy's childhood antics, titled Slippin' Jimmy, missed the mark entirely. Each episode clumsily parodies a different movie genre, a jarring concept in a universe unrelated to film. With its absurdity and lack of coherence, Slippin' Jimmy stands out as one of the worst TV shows in memory. Its existence remains surreal even a year after Better Call Saul concluded.

'Joey' (2004 - 2006)

Joey, a spin-off following the eponymous character's adventures in Los Angeles post-Friends, failed to capture audiences' hearts beyond its first season, culminating in a premature cancellation after just two seasons. Despite its forgettable supporting cast and lacklustre writing, the show remains a middling example of a comic relief character spin-off. While it has gained some appreciation in recent years among fans of the character, Joey ultimately pales in comparison to the success of its predecessor, Friends.

'That '80s Show' (2002)

For nine years and eight seasons, That '70s Show enjoyed widespread popularity as one of the most beloved sitcoms. Just four years after its debut, its creators introduced a spin-off: That '80s Show, set in San Diego during the 1980s. However, this new series failed to capture the charm and humour of its predecessor, featuring a less engaging ensemble cast.

Surprisingly, even after sharing creators and a similar writing team with the original, That '80s Show struggled to find success. Its cancellation after just one season underscored its status as a misguided attempt to replicate the success of That '70s Show. Despite a dedicated cast, the spin-off lacked the essential magic necessary for greatness.

'AfterMASH', 'The Brady Brides', 'The Tortellis' and 'Baywatch Nights'  are also among other spin-offs that weren't even close to the original. However, in defence of these shows, sometimes the original leaves such a strong impression that any show attempting to follow in its footsteps may have adverse effects.