Things all cat owners should know

A new kitty at home? Here’s what you should know.

Even though cats have a reputation of being super independent, they do need some care and looking after. Cats are particular about certain things, and some may argue, pickier than dogs. They want attention one minute then completely ignore you the next. Cats also like their solitude so you can leave them in the house by themselves for a few hours with no worry. They are a perfect addition to the family and so adorable.

Being cat owners can be hard work. And its easy to make mistakes sometimes. Everything from learning about your cat habits to their dietary needs, here are a few things all cat owners should know.

Your cat’s hair will be everywhere

On clothes, on the couch, on beds – Your house will never not be covered in cat hair. You must buy pet hair remover and clean your clothes before wearing them.

You need to have a regular vet for your cat

When you own a cat or any pet, make sure you have a regular vet who know about your cat and any illness they have diagnosed. It’s good to have a good relationship with the vet.

Free feeding cats is not healthy

It is important to fix an eating schedule for your cat. Free feeding them or giving them food every time they beg for it is not healthy as it might lead to overweight in cats.

Dental hygiene is important

The habit of brushing should be introduced to avoid dental hygiene issues from their kitty years. It’s harder to incorporate brushing habits in adult cats.

Make sure vertical spaces are safe for your cat

Cats like vertically tall things to climb. Make sure the spaces that your cat climbs on are safe and won’t potentially hurt your cat should they accidentally fall down.

Be sure to neuter your cats

As cat owners, it is important to neuter your cats when they are old enough, It prevents them from being aggressive and female cats from crying all day when they are in heat. Also, neutering and spaying them will be helpful in controlling the population of stray cats.

Invest in scratching posts

Cats need to sharpen their nails somewhere. Unless you want your bedposts, your wooden furniture, your walls to be scratched up, it is wise to buy scratching posts for your cats.

Declaw cats only when medically needed

Unlike dogs, cats rely a lot on their nails. Its their defence and they also need nails to climb things. Many vets suggest declawing them, but it requires surgical amputation of their end bones which is considered inhumane.


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