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Things Gen Z do that Millennials can’t relate to

The generational friction between Millennial and Gen Z has gone viral on social media

Battle of the generations: Gen Z and Millennials are different in a lot of ways. Millennial have their own set of fashion, ideas, reasons while Gen Z grew up with their beliefs and ideas being moulded by the internet.

Millennial, the older and “wiser” generation often write back to the viral social media Gen Z trends. Yes, Gen Z have a lot to say about their earlier generation and often challenges the Millennial for being what they are. Thanks to the boom of influencer edgy Instagram and TikToks, airing of generational rants are wildly circulated and often become common beliefs for a lot of people. Like Gen Z do not understand side part hair that Millennials like. Or skinny jeans. Or Millennials obsession with Eminem.

Millennials, of course do not hold back their rants when it comes to Gen Z. Here are a few things that Gen Z do that Millennials absolutely do not relate to.

Wearing their hair in a middle part and shaming anyone wearing a side part

Millennials will never grasp the idea of not wearing their hair in a side part. Gen Z wears their in a middle part and aren’t afraid to call out the “old” gen for wearing it different.

Thinking anyone born before 1997 old

It is like an affectation According to Gen Z, anyone born before 1997 is deemed old.

Recording TikTok everywhere and anywhere

The viral social media TikTok is beloved to the Gen Z. They feel the need to do their dances to remixes at any time of the day. Whether at the supermarket, a park, mall, backyard, Gen Z do not hold back or realize how ridiculous they look recording those dances.

Calling yoga pants “flare leggings”

Millennials are furious about this one. Calling yoga pants “flare leggings” is just another new terminology Gen Z procures for hopefully a good reason that Millennials will not understand.

Making emo a Gen Z thing

Millennials did the emo thing long before Gen Z were even conceived. So Gen Z making emo their generation thing is not something Millennial can stand by.

Record themselves crying

Yes, this. Millennial won’t ever relate how easy it is for Gen Z to record themselves crying and posting it online. Is that something Gen Z finds …cool?

Faking dark circles because who knows why

Yeah, why not fake it until you make it.

Shaming skinny jeans

Millennial grew up on skinny jeans. Gen Z shaming skinny jeans is not tolerated at all.

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