Things Indian living abroad can relate to

No matter how many hotdogs, pizza and poutine places you have, you are always on a lookout for the best Indian restaurant near you.

Whether you’re going for studying, on a vacation, temporary residency or moving there permanently, Indians moving abroad some things people can relate to.

It is difficult to start a life in another place. Imagine moving out of your parents to go study in a different city and before you know it the familiar lifestyle is lost. You take time to get used to the language, the food, the weather, the people. Unfamiliarity is not a favourite thing. Now imagine moving to a whole new country altogether. It has its fun perks starting another life from scratch, so far away from a place you have known your whole life. As Indians living abroad, there are certain things they can relate to.

Indian restaurant food is not as Indian as you’d imagined

Took a while to nail it down to the best Indian restaurant in town only to find the dishes aren’t quite what you’re looking for. Is it paneer or it is tofu? Are they the same? Why does the curry taste sweet?

Your name might/might not be butchered

Having an Indian name means people abroad will take some time to pronounce it correctly. Some might nail it, some might butcher it. Sometimes they might even come with a cute nickname cause your certified name is too much for them.

Extra spicy is not even close to spicy

When you order extra spicy and learn it isn’t even spicy, you end up telling them to bring in some green chillies for you.

You will look everywhere for good street food

Dahivada, panipuri, paprichaat, jhalmuri, momos – you keep looking for them cause street food is a big part of Indian life. It will even take some time to find a hidden gem of a place that sells panipuri the way you like it.

Video calls keeps you connected

A big part of Indians living abroad are the video calls. Whether it is to learn how to drape a saree or show your family the delectable dish you made, video calls are super important.

References in mother tongue only you will understand

References, name calling in mother tongue that only you understand.

You will carry luggage full of Indian snacks

There is no luggage big enough that can suffice the number of snacks you would be packing. Bhujia, sev, boondi, sweets, kaju barfi, pickles – pack it up really good, pay the extra weight tag at the airport as long as you got all the snacks, you are good.


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