Things introverts are tired of hearing

Introverts are not people haters.

By definition, introverts like being by themselves. In more real sense, they don’t feel the need to be outgoing or be in the presence of people to feel fit. Introversion is a personality trait placed in the opposite end of the spectrum of extroversion. While extroverts thrive on external source of stimulation, introverts thrive from internal emotions.

And while the world is all about making connections and falling in the normalised version of social commitment, introverts do not feel the need to be hanging out with people every night or feel the need to attend every party they are invited to. They are much comfortable being by themselves. So often they are written off as shy or boring or not leadership material. While the extroversion is not good enough for them, they are often asked or told things that are totally not true.

Here are a few things introverts are tired of hearing.

“Are you an introvert? My friend from college was also one” – The reference to a friend from college is never really needed and doesn’t make the introvert feel at home. So just stop.

“You should come to the party. Meet a few people” – One of the most common misconception about introverts is that they do not have enough interesting people to interact. Inviting an introvert to a party to make them meet new people is possibly one of the worst things to do to them. Stop doing that.

“OMG, you are so quiet” – It’s rude to say that to anyone and saying that to an introvert is definitely not going to make them start a hyped conversation. Introverts are selectively conversationalists and do not like small talk.

“You are being very unsocial” – Oh, cry me a river. Just because they don’t want to be in a social gathering, doesn’t make them unsocial. They are more into hanging out with one or two close friends all the time and be intensely social with them.

“You really want to spend a Friday night at home?” – One of the best things for an introvert is spending time in their home rather than partying with strangers in a loud, sweaty pub.

“I have never heard you talk this much OMG” – Introverts believe in listening and only contributing to conversations that they are genuinely interested in and have knowledge about.

“Break out of your shell a little” – Though it might come in good intention, introverts are people, not turtles who need to peek out of their shell. It’s rude and irritating telling introverts this. It’s like telling an extrovert “Hey, stop hanging out with people so much”.

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