Things only cat owners can relate to

All cat lovers, please stand up.

Being a pet owner opens up a horizon of new experiences. When it comes to being to a cat parent, expect a lot of attention one moment and then being ignored the next. That doesn’t stop us from being an out and proud cat lover, even if it means you’re the only one in your friend group of dog lovers. Sure, cats are snarky and mean, they can be moody and messy, they rarely ever want to cuddle but their beany paws, cat eyes and seldom affection makes us feel oh so loved.

Cats are everyone’s cup of tea. Their habits and lifestyle can only be fully understood y cat parents and by no one else. So, all cat parents, rise up. Here are the things only cat lovers can relate to.

Cat hair all over the house

Don’t lie; your phone memory is 86% cat photos and videos

You can’t move when you cat sleeps on you

You remain unfazed by midnight zoomies.

You wake up with your cat’s butt on your face

Going to the bathroom will involve throwing your cat out first

Your cat scares you when they stare at thin air behind you

Holidays means buying presents for your cats

Using your cat as an excuse to leave a party early

Your cat greets you: super excited or completely ignored

They will ignore the expensive bed to sleep in a cardboard box

Weird smell in the house? You know your cat has left you a “gift”

Your cats have scratched every furniture you own

You can’t lay your clothes on the bed without your cat making it their throne

You need to check for bumps before sitting down on the bed

You have stepped on your cat’s paws at least once.

Spend half your time giving your cat belly rubs

Your black jeans now look like it’s made of cat hair

They are best behaved when on camera; and the funniest when the camera turns off

You know your cat will do anything for treats

You cook, your cat eats

You hate people who try to tell you how to raise your cats

A random cat showing your affection makes your day

Reaction videos of cats are the best

Social media is for cats

You spend more money and time on cats than you do on yourself

Cat eyes have more persuasion powers than dog eyes

They attack feet for no reason; and you’re used to it.

Lasers can make your cats act all crazy

They out-love the most expensive toys


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