Things that attract women: the hard truth, facts and the myths

Getting to know who you are as a man will help you understand what appeals to women!

There are myths like you need a lot of money and it takes a certain physical trait are two most prevalent myths about how a woman gets attracted. But do you know what attracts women? Come, let’s find out those hard truths and facts that work.

Be confident

Conduct research, read women’s periodicals, and look at studies. Confidence is something that is usually always at the top of the list of what attracts women. Women are drawn to guys who are confident in who they are, what they have to offer, and what they can achieve. A confident man exudes an unmistakable air of competence.

Make her laugh

Both parties agree that having a good sense of humour is attractive, but your humour is significantly more valuable than hers. According to several psychology studies, women regard guys who can make them laugh to be more appealing. Both sexes desire to be seen as hilarious, but women place more weight on creating humour than men.

Just be kind

The halo effect, a psychological theory, describes the propensity for people to mistake one facet of someone’s personality for who they are as a whole. Every other aspect of who you are can simply change if others think, you are kind. Typical traits of a kind man include being devoted to labour, being an attentive lover, a generous person. What’s more intriguing is that some studies contend that being seen as kind can also make you appear more beautiful.

Show her your selfless side

There is always something to be said for a selfless man’s appeal and also a selfless man prioritises the needs of others before his own, especially the woman he is with. The kindhearted man offers to assist and does not whine about how uncomfortable he feels, respecting other people’s wants and requirements. Seeing your devotion toward others makes a woman think that you would be prepared to give up anything to make her happy as well.

Be a good communicator and active listener

Women frequently speak more than males and they utilise more words and communicate in more profound and heartfelt ways, frequently employing more words to verbalise. As a guy armed with this information, you should be aware of the facts; Women are more drawn to males who can actively listen and properly communicate with them throughout a conversation.

I hope you will be able to work on improving yourself so that you can play out your position as a man for the women in your life.

Elisa Ghosh

Young at heart, independent by nature, rolling down straight from the hills of Meghalaya. I get my adrenaline rush writing about facts and myths happening around. You’ll find me spending most of my time either dreaming about food or the mountains. Here to make net surfing more enticing for you!
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