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Things that NRIs are tired of hearing

Every now and then an NRI has to face a lot of questions from the people. Whenever people meet an NRI, they always come up with questions. Some good, and some bad but interesting questions and are eager to know about the answers. They make assumptions about their lifestyle and preferences. I am sure most of the NRIs must have experienced this at least once in their lifetime and can relate to this.

Here the things NRIs are tired of hearing

Fake Accent

People think that NRIs speak in a fake accent and sometimes even ask them about the same. The truth is that Indians are not the only ones who change their accent when they go abroad. Anyone who lives abroad, especially English speakers who moved to another English-speaking nation- for instance, an American who moved to Britain for any period of time will subconsciously change their accent. Your accent depends on where you live and with whom you interact and it has nothing to do with what we think is a showoff.

How do you know so much about Bollywood?

It has been assumed by people that NRIs only watch English shows and movies. Whenever they encounter an NRI who knows something about Bollywood, they ask such questions. However, it should be kept in mind that in the era of internet, television and smartphones, everyone has access to everything. When you can watch a Spanish show like Money Heist in India, why do you think a person living in USA have not watched Indian movies.

Your Dad must be so rich

If you are an NRI, you must be so rich. It could be true also but must have been heard by an NRI. It is an undeniable fact that going abroad from India requires good amount of money but that does not mean that one is a vastly wealthy person.

You don’t love your country

You don’t love your country because if you have loved you would not have left. Come one people, let us spare the NRIs from this illogical question.

Do you visit Disneyland

If you are an NRI, you must have visited Disneyland as if it is in every country in the world.

Indian food must be spicy for you now

Only an NRI can tell you how many times they have heard the phrase ‘Now you are not habitual of eating such spices, so Indian food must not have been suitable for you. Do you only eat burgers and pizza in your meal?’ It could be true for some but it is not a fact.

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