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Things that Samoan girls are tired of hearing.

This world is full of people living diverse lifestyles. 

Samoan people or the Samoan are the natives of the Samoan Islands. Located in the central South Pacific, the Samoan Islands forms part of Polynesia and also the region of Oceania. They are an extensive group of Islands, covering 3030 sq Km of the area and having almost 0.25 million people living there. According to the history of the place, the oldest evidence of human activity takes us back to 1050 BCE. Samoa is famous for its warm and welcoming hospitality, scenic views, and stunning adventures.

But Samoan girls are tired of hearing these statements from the mainlanders.

Are you a trained Hula Dancer? According to the Samoans, Hula is a sacred dance form accompanied by Chants or songs. It is the original dance form of the Polynesians settled in the Hawaiian Islands. Some Samoan girls might get trained in Hula, but not all know it. First, however, they get trained in Samoan dance form.

Is a tattoo a vital part of your culture? First things first- the word tattoo does come from the Samoan word- The tattoo represents purpose, protection, direction and staying grounded for them. They get it done using traditional, homemade tools and not at the tattoo parlour. In other words, getting a tattoo is a great honour for the Samoans as it signifies its history and lineage.

Is it okay to dress up like Hula Dancer? We know that Hula is a vital part of the Hawaiian culture. So, people must not mess with culture and describe it as a costume. However, Disney characters like Moana and Lilo are popular these days. Therefore, it is okay to attend the Halloween party dressing up like them. But, strictly speaking, it isn’t something that we would recommend for general days.

Aren’t Samoans excellent at adventurous sports? Most mainlander labels Polynesians as someone who practices sports every day. But, firstly, we should not generalize any condition. You indeed get to experience a lot of adventurous sports on the Island, but everyone doesn’t need to be good at it. Secondly, just like in any other part of the world, people living here might have different interests. For example, some girls might prefer books, art, music, and dance to sports.

You Samoan girls look exotic! You might think it to be a compliment, but it is not. Calling her “different” isn’t a compliment anymore. She might take it the wrong way and think less of you. It gets insulting because birds and animals can be exotic, but persons do not like that.

Orna Ghosh

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