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Things To Do Before You Give Up Your Dog For Adoption

Find the best home for your pawsome friend!

It is a horrifying, emotional and special moment when you decide to give up your dog. You may have considered a hundred options not to but when it’s the only choice left, you must do what’s the best for your dog. Your dog deserves nothing less! Obviously, it becomes your responsibility to find the best humans and the best home for your dog –a family that would love and care for them just as you did and if possible more than you ever did. Whether you are moving away or simply can’t find it in yourself to live up to the expectations of being the best dog parent to your pet, when finding a new home for them you must act responsibly. Here are a few things you must do before giving up your dog for adoption.

Play A Little Detective To Have The Best Knowledge

You want a home that would take care of your dog like it is their child. You need people who are kind and loving. So, like any responsible parent would do, visit the home and the neighbourhood of the people you are considering giving up your dog to. It would make the world of a difference! Ask around about the kind of people they are. Visit the home to understand what kind of people they are and if they would really be able to take care of your dog. It’s a matter of your dog’s safety and security and you cannot take this lightly.

Get The Paperwork Together And Right

Put together all the paperwork of your dog including the vet suggestions, licence or registration, medication schedule and everything else to the point. You will need to handover all of these documents to the potential adopter in order to keep in the loop about everything they should know about your dog. You must also include behavioural traits and other restrictions that would make the transition smooth for both your dog and their new parents.

A Trial Weekend To Ease It In

Plan a weekend for trail with your dog’s new parents just so you can figure if it is the right fit for your dog. What’s good in theory should be good in life as well. You will realise if your dog feels comfortable in the new home and if not, you look for another one.

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