Things to do in Chandni Chowk

Though it is the busiest area in Delhi, the charm of this market never fades! Especially, after the pandemic and having been locked in for nearly two years, the feeling that atleast some things never change is espoused in this area. If you are one of those people looking for eternity, hanging around in ChandniChowk  should definitely be on your list! Here are a few things that you should definitely do there!

Have Jalebi and Samosa

If you are hungry and looking for a bite, the best solution is to go to a popular old local shop, which sells probably the best jalebi and samosa! They are huge but just melt in your mouth, and no matter how many you have, you will keep wanting more!

Paratha Wala Gali

Another place that you can go to is Paratha WaliGali, which provides parathas stuffed with every kind of thing that you could wish for! From the classics, Gobi ka paratha and Aloo ka paratha to some innovative parathas,such as parathas stuffed with bananas, mirchika paratha, as well as sweet parathas which can be had as dessert !


If you are a kebab person, then Chandni Chowk is just the right place for you. Around Jama Masjid there are numerous restaurants and small outlets with probably some of the best most mouth-melting and delicious kebabs that one can ever come across. Not only kebabs, but delicious biryani, and meat curry is also available. Dig in, with sheermal roti as an accompaniment and you would have attained nirvana!

Go Shopping 

In Chandni Chowk, every kind of item is available and if one needs to buy in bulk, one can get a good discount!  From clothes for weddings, to bags and suitcases, to toys, to watches, literally everything! Along with purchasing items, it is fun to experience the hustle-bustle of people, people negotiating, fighting over prices and also the general mass of items that can be sold in one space!

Enjoy the life of the city and its diversity

Chandni Chowk is where one can see all kinds of people, of different faiths, cultures and professions come, and this is very fun to experience. The cosmopolitanism is definitely endearing!

Visit the Red Fort

The monument around which this Esplanade is built is the Red Fort.  Though large parts of it were destroyed by the British, these remains are magnificent. Its splendiferous architecture makes it one of the most majestic sites!

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