Published By: Nirtika Pandita

Things to do in order to prevent back pain at a young age

By doing these simple movements, one might be able to be released of any pain. 

There is no stopping the acute back pain that one has to deal with on a daily basis. While back pain was something one associated with elderly people, looking at the current working scenario even the young deal with it. Keeping in mind the working culture of sitting with bent backs and neck makes it more difficult for the body. So here are a few things one can do to prevent back pain.

Get more exercise for the body

Getting up and moving is one of the most important things you can do to prevent back pain. Muscles are designed to move and if one is out of shape they are more likely to injure their back and experience pain even during simple movements such as lifting a pot. One other possible explanation of exercise is to help prevent back pain by maintaining a healthy weight. Extra weight especially around the stomach can put additional strain on the back. Regular physical activity can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension.

Maintain proper posture when seated

Sitting in front of the computer for eight and more hours a day makes the back muscle go weak and compressed. Right from being on the phone to being on the computer, people slouch all the time hurting their backs without even knowing. Long sitting hours in the wrong posture puts unwanted pressure on the muscles causing damage.

Sleep sideways for the backrest

Don't sleep on the stomach but on the side as it is the most comfortable position for the back. In case of sleeping on the stomach, place a pillow under the lower abdomen to relieve pressure from the lower back. At the same time, a supportive mattress and pillow for the head are also essential. Sleeping on the side with knees slightly pulled up towards the chest is advised by the experts. Another possible way is to place one pillow beneath the knees and another beneath the lower back. Or else place a pillow under the hips.

A lot of breaks are required

When seated for long hours it is important for the person to stand up every 10 minutes. If that is not possible, at least make it possible to stop working for 20 seconds, stand up, and stretch. On the contrary, if the break is taken every 20 minutes, which comprises standing up and stretching, away from the computer.