Things to do on Malta island

Sea, sun, history, culture, archeology, food – Malta island literally has everything.

This country is an archipelago sitting in the famous Mediterranean Sea. It is very close to both Africa and Sicily. With the historical significance of scenic beauty, Malta has a lot of things to offer to global tourists. Generally, there are 3 main islands named Gozo, Malta proper, and Comino. All of them are surrounded by seas and blue skies. There are numerous things to explore in Malta, like a museum visits, fishing trips, eating delicacies, exploring marine life, and so on.

Explore Mdina, the old capital of Malta:

Mdina was the capital of Malta in ancient times. This is located on a scenic hill in the middle of this island. This place is historically enriched. From ancient streets to museums, there are a lot of things to explore. You will enjoy delicious food in the cafes.

Explore Fort St. Elmo, located in Valletta’s harbor:

The stories of bravery of St. John along with his Knights are intricately associated with the culture of this country. They belong to the military group that showed valor during the time of the famous Turkish Ottoman Empire. This fort was built to protect Valletta’s harbor. The Siege of Malta took place in 1565 when approximately 1500 knights died here. You will get the help of guides to explore this fascinating place in a better way.

Perform cave diving in Comino:

If you love cave diving, no other place can provide such an enthralling experience as Comino. This is the best place in Malta for cave and reef diving. Basically, Comino is an uninhabited region located between Gozo and the mainland. There, you will find countless underwater caves. This looks more thrilling due to its shimmering blue luminescence. You may also observe a vast range of aquatic species like barracuda and octopus.

Explore marine life in Malta:

The Mediterranean coastline is a great place for aquatic life. Thus, Malta island holds a special attraction to explore marine species.  You can explore them in the marine environment or national aquarium. Malta National Aquarium provides a family-friendly environment to observe exotic species like reptiles, amphibians, sharks, piranhas, and so on.

Explore the shooting locations of Game of Thrones in Malta:

Due to scenic beauty and exciting historical landmarks, a few episodes of the famous TV show Game of Thrones were shot on Malta island. So, the GoT-lovers should visit this place. You will easily get guides to take you on a tour to the places of ‘Kings Landing’, ‘Red Keep’, and so on. You may also interact with some local actors who acted in this show. Aren’t those really exciting?

Enjoy the Blue Lagoon environment:

Visiting the blue lagoon is a must-do thing on Malta island. There is a highly protected extent of luminous blue water surrounded by caves. This place is also located on Comino island. This is the most popular region for swimming and snorkeling during summertime.

Explore the oldest stone architecture of this world:

All the Neolithic Temples in Malta are included in the list of Unesco world heritage sites. They are the oldest known stone architecture. Never miss those beautiful architectures.

Apart from that, observing the war room used during the Second World war, exploring the fishing village Marsaxlokk, and visiting ancient buildings are must-do things on Malta island. The charm of Malta is truly unbelievable. Do visit here once in your lifetime.

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