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Things to do when you are feeling bored in a relationship

Just because you’re bored doesn’t mean it’s time to break up.

In a relationship, the end of the honeymoon period, it often feels like the relationship is a dragging boring fest. While we get busy with work, things other than our relationship, you are settled in with the relationship, and suddenly you feel kind of yawn-y around your partner, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should call it quits.

Feeling bored in a relationship generally happens in a long-term relationship. It also happens when the honeymoon phase ends and things get a little too predictable. Panic not, if that happens. The fun part, the unpredictability, the spiciness can all come back if you try new things. The first thing is to talk to the partner about your feelings.

Apart form that, here are things you can do to get things right on track.

Try each other’s hobbies

Trying each other hobbies out, or at least investing time to learn about it, shows that you are willing to invest in each other’s happiness. If you r partner is a outdoors-y person and goes hiking solo, ask if you could join them someday. It is an overall an eye-opening experience.

Get the adrenaline pumping

Go kayaking, bungee jumping, visiting a scary house together, trying scary rides at an amusement park – anything that gets your blood pumping is sure to jolt you out of the boredom. Doing it together makes it all the more special.

A change of scenery helps a lot

A change of environment together helps in newer responses to the environment together. If you are into the same routine everyday, together 24/7 in the house, the routine feels congested. A mini one-day vacation can help shake things out.

Replicate the first date nights

Do you remember the first-time you guys went on a date? Was it a movie and dinner? Replan those and do it. The reminder of the fun dates would help out a relationship that has gone stale.

Keep the phone away when together

When you do hang out together, don’t be scrolling on your phones and sharing memes with each other. Try and be more present. Phones often provide a distraction and doing the same thing everyday can make one feel bored.

Try something new in the bedroom

Discuss it with your partner if there is anything they want to try in the bedroom. If it’s the same routine that has gotten you bored, spice it up. Get really creative. It sparks up dead relationships.


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