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Things to keep in mind before your online interview

After the worldwide pandemic in 2020, work culture has changed a lot and online interviews have become the favorite choice of recruiters. During the pandemic, most of the businesses have realised that they can function efficiently in online mode too and it saves a lot of time and investment too. However, for people who have little or no experience in giving online interviews, it has come has challenge to impress the recruiters with their skills without having an offline conversation.

Online interviews have become the new normal. It is not easy to use your functioning skills and impress the recruiters immediately in an interview but it is more difficult in online interviews due to the lack of personal meet. For many people, online interviews are fun and easy as they find themselves more comfortable giving the interview in their homely environment. Many people also claim that they have several benefits like you do not have to worry about the dress code and it saves traveling time and effort. However, there are many little things, which should be taken care of during the online interview as they can hamper or affect your performance. Let’s discuss few things that you should keep in your mind before giving online interviews to increase your chances of getting hired.

Knowledge about the apps – There are so many apps for online interviews now and different companies prefer different mode of video communication. It is advisable that you should be knowledgeable about the app or the software you are going to use, in order to be fluent and smooth. After receiving the link for the interview, you should take a mock interview with your friends or family on the app mentioned in the link.

Keep camera on eye level – If you do not wish to look amateur to the interviewer, take care of the placement of the camera. It is recommended to keep the camera at the eye level from where you can see directly. Also, it is advisable to always maintain a good distance between yourself and your laptop during the interview.

Lighting – Lighting of your room should be on point during the interview. Always try to find a space with ample amount of lighting for the interview. Also, it is not advisable to use a backlight and you should avoid sitting at a place where the light is just behind you as it will make a tacky silhouette of yourself.

Noise – Last but not the least, choose a calm and peaceful environment for the interview. Small background noises are find there should not be loud noises in the background.

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