Things to Know About BMW’s Concept CE 02 Scooter

A few months ago, BMW Motorrad unveiled the CE 04 electric scooter. Now, the company unveiled a low-spec model of CE 04 by the name CE 02

Not long ago BMW Motorrad unveiled the CE 04 electric scooter and now, the company has unveiled the CE 02 electric scooter; a low-spec and more affordable version of the CE 02. The CE 04 is scheduled to hit the international markets soon and therefore, we believe the CE 02 will reach the showrooms by the month of June or July 2022.

What is the importance of this article?

Given how important India is for the company and how the Indian electric vehicle scenario is unfolding every second, it is imperative to know about Motorrad’s future electric projects. Shortly, the company is likely to launch electric motorcycles and scooters in the country. Some vehicles may be expensive, whereas some (keeping in mind the price-sensitive market) could be affordable.

The design is fresh and unique

BMW Motorrad’s Concept CE 02 looks neither like a scooter nor like a motorcycle. To be honest, in our opinion, it looks a lot like the Honda Monkey; although way more futuristic and edgy. The design of the scooter is what we love the most, but we wonder if it will work in the Indian market. After all, the Navi, another scooter with a similar design language, did not receive a warm welcome from the Indian scooter users.

BMW Motorrad’s official statement about the design

In a press release published by BMW Motorrad, Edgar Heinrich, the company’s Design Head’s statement read, “The BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 is something completely new. We wanted to achieve a level of design innovation that we have not had before at this level. Straightforward use was important, but above all the emotional component was crucial, as well as riding fun.”

What’s between the legs?

Since the German company has only unveiled the scooter, nothing has been revealed about the motor of the scooter. However, as per the company’s press release, the scooter makes around 14.9hp of power that is delivered to the wheel from the motor via a belt drive. The scooter offers a top speed of 90 kilometres per hour and a riding range of 90 kilometres on a single fully charged session.

Premium hardware because it’s a premium scooter

The CE 02 rides on fat 15-inch wheels with disc brakes on both ends. The scooter features LED lighting from the front to the end and has a bracket below the motor in which a user can mount a skateboard. After all, it is meant to improve urban mobility and last-mile connectivity.

Rohit Chatterjee

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