Things to Know about the European Super League

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and the popular six clubs from England have announced to side with the European Super League

If you are a football fan or you read news related to football, you probably have heard the name of a modern tournament called the European Super League. Let us inform you that bulk of the football community has gone berserk after 12 of the leading clubs in the world declared to take part in the new midweek football tournament, which is not conducted by UEFA or FIFA but by the ‘Founding Clubs’. So, why is it that majority of the football community is outraged by the recent development?

Proposed format- The European Super League, which is yet to commence, has been established by major football clubs and not by football governing bodies such as FIFA or UEFA. The Super League will feature big clubs from the leading European leagues and matches will be played every week. The league will have 20 teams in total and they will be divided into two groups of ten.

The squads will play two matches against each other (home and away) and the top three teams from both groups will automatically qualify for the knockout rounds. The teams placed fourth and fifth in both the groups will play a two-leg match and the winners will qualify for the knockout rounds. Finally, the eight units will challenge each other to reach the ultimate trophy. Although the league is yet to be finalized, this is the proposed pattern of the league formed by the founding clubs.

The founding clubs- Out of 20 teams, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan have agreed to perform and are the founding clubs. Three more clubs are welcomed to turn into the founding clubs, whereas five clubs will be elected as per their season’s accomplishments.

Angry community- The football community is agitated because a bulk of the community feels that the league is unfair. Why? Because every year, the 15 founding clubs will take part whereas only five other clubs will be shuffled to participate, which is a considerable let-down. Furthermore, the league is more about money because clubs are expected to draw 400 million dollars just for competing in the league, which is way higher than what the champion of a Champion League receives.

Reaction- FIFA and UEFA have come jointly to resist the new league. They will forbid all the players and clubs to take part in the World Cup and other events organized by the two bodies.

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